Innovation Youth Centres (IYC) is a youth-friendly space for young people aged between 12-25 years to undertake programs and activities designed to increase the service users social, recreational, employment skills, networks and overall wellbeing.


The point of difference that IYC provides for young people, family, stakeholders/partnerships and community is an organic service not limited by financial overheads as the main focus, but the people it serves to create a better quality of life and is a home away from home for all in involved.


IYC provides a service that is intensive support that involves one on one counselling, outreach, case manager for all young people with challengers from being high risk, disability, drug & alcohol, unemployment, leaving school, homelessness, mental health, crime to family brake down. Using a strength-based practise approach with the young person. Providing a one-stop service that creates positive change for the young people, families and community. Having ownership in their life and service delivery of IYC. 


Using the theory of innovation and social entrepreneurship to create resources for the community through a youth participation lens, IYC aims to fill service gaps in the community. Working with local services to support service demands. The areas that IYC will focus and service the needs of young people is in interface councils, due to being a high growth corridors, with a rapidly increasing number of young people. Lead through the IYC youth reference group.