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Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) is a youth-friendly space where people aged between 12 and 25 years can undertake programs and activities to increase their social, recreational and employment skills and networks and their overall wellbeing.


IYC’s point of difference is that it provides an organic service not limited by financial overheads and is a home away from home. Through this model, IYC can offer flexible interventions to meet the needs of the young people as well as families, stakeholders, partners and the community. Through its Youth Support, Youth Development and Youth Programs portfolios, IYC provides a range of services that aim to build young people’s resilience, capabilities and confidence. Services include individual case management, personal development programs and after-school drop-ins. 


Through these, IYC supports young people to address life challenges including social disadvantage, homelessness, unemployment, leaving school, mental health, family and social relationships, crime, substance use, school disengagement and disability. Using a strength-based practice approach with service users.

IYC’s service is centred on innovation, youth participation and social entrepreneurship. To best serve the community, IYC works closely with its youth reference group to identify and address service gaps in its local area. In this way, young people hold a vital role in contributing to the design and implementation of IYC programs.


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