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​Innovation Youth Centre operates through three portfolios of Youth Support, Youth Development and Youth Programs that are incorporated in a four-dimensional model approach for service delivery that includes: Innovative Community Development Planning, Information & Referral, Support, Outreach, Case Management, Counselling, Recreational, Arts, Education, Personal & Professional Development Programs for service users. Includes Partnerships booking the space and running services by themselves or with Innovation Youth Centre. These four-dimensional models of operation are explained further on the right side of this page.

To find out what programs are either upcoming or currently facilitated by IYC, check out our Programs page. 


Youth Support

This service provides one-to-one support to young people to address challenges they are experiencing in their lives, including risk of homelessness, engagement in crime, fractured family relationships, mental health difficulties, substance abuse and disengagement from schooling.

Youth Development

This service provides positive and inclusive development support at Innovation Youth Centre for at-risk vulnerable and disadvantaged young people (with a focus on youth who are at risk of engaging in crime &/or who are in the juvenile justice system), so as to enhance their positive connections to their community focussing on personal development, reducing anti-social behaviours and improving life-skills.

Youth Programs

Young people have a long-term accessible safe space at IYC. A long-term regular routine for young people to attend programs like the drop-in and meet new positive social networks to be engaged. Support groups for young women, young men, LBGTIQA+ members etc. Supporting groups for young people re-entering society. Young People in engaging community programs. 


Our unstructured drop-in offers a doors open and walk-in feature for all young people. This approach offers resources for young people to use freely for recreation, work, and study such as:

  • Tabletop games like pool, soccer etc

  • Board games

  • Access to a Bluetooth speaker and music activities. 

  • Computers and free wifi

  • Books including YA fiction, DIY, and personal development books

During drop-in times, youth workers are  present supervising young people and offering their time for inquiries about other programs and services.


Our structured drop-in aspect of IYC offers planned recreation activities for young people happening during the drop-in sessions. These activities include:

  • IYC Youth Reference Group Meetings

  • Cooking or BBQs

  • Crafternoons and arts

  • Sport games

  • Specialised Professionals drop-ins. Eg. Members from Legal Aid offering on the spot legal advice.

  • Private one-to-one consultation or family consultation for community service referrals. 


Our unstructured programs aspect will offer young people space to improvise and develop their own programs and activities outside of drop in sessions. These activities could be:

  • Safe space sessions for girls and young women, young people of colour, and young people belonging to the LGBTIQ community to discuss their experiences without fear of judgement and organise civic participation appropriate to them.

  • Young people organising small enterprising ideas to set up in their community.

  • Young people organising civic activities such as being involved in local community fundraising.

  • Guest speakers showcasing presentations on a given topic relevant to young people.


​Doors Closed / Activities Specified
Walk In’s and enquires welcomed.
Eg. Community Innovation, Education, Arts, Recreation, Outreach and Partnership Programs, Youth Support, Case Management and Counselling.

Our structured programs aspect will offer young people activities to boost their learning and personal development. These activities can be targeted to common and specific needs with examples such as mental health, disability, and at-risk young people. These programs can be:

  • IYC Youth Reference Group and Board Meetings.

  • Self-defence classes

  • Arts projects

  • Homework clubs

  • Dance and Drama classes

  • Case management

  • Counselling

We are also open for other youth and community organisations and services to partner and facilitate their programs within IYC. To inquire about this, click on our contact page and get in touch with us.

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IYC 12 Month Service Cycle
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