“Innovation Youth Centre is an organization that works to create the best outcomes for young people and community, by using innovation and youth participation, working hand in hand” - It's a organic service for young people and community, that creates positive measurable social change.


Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs are growing rapidly due to the relatively affordable housing in the region. Without the commensurate growth in services, the increasing youth population (12 to 25) experiences a higher than average number of issues, manifest in a rise in youth crime, drug and alcohol abuse and other antisocial behaviors.  
Creating a conveniently located youth centre will help address this services gap. Fostering youth participation and innovation our young people will learn to create their own resources and help their local community.  
IYC’s proposed zones of operation i.e. interface and rural council areas, are in marginally held electorates. Upon successful completion of the pilot program, it is envisaged that the IYC model be rolled out to other municipalities.


IYC would act as the project coordinator and lead agency, it is proposed that a collaborative management & staffing structure be developed that includes partner agencies taking responsibility for key service outcomes and management.

These agencies would be on a part time, sessional or project basis, and would cover issues identified in the research, including health, employment and community education. Research has identified significant support for young people to be involved in the running a youth centre by way of peer reference group and student work placements. 


Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) is a youth friendly space for young people aged between 12-25 years to undertake programs and activities designed to increase their social, recreational and employment skills, and networks.


Using the theory of innovation and social entrepreneurship to create resources for the community, through a youth participation lens, IYC to fill service gaps in community. Working with local services to support service demands. The areas that IYC will focus and service young people is in Victorian interface councils, due to being a high growth corridors, with a increasing number of young people.



Innovation youth centre is a young people’s organization that works to create the best outcomes for young people and community, by using innovation and youth participation working hand in hand.