Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) strives to be evidence based in its approach towards its practice. We also have a transparent approach on what evidence we base ourselves on as an organisation. Using surveys and statistics sourced from our youth reference group and local census data, we create reports that give clarity on what organisational direction IYC should decide on. For more information on what these reports are, click on them on the right hand side of this page.

Innovation Youth Centre is a not-for-profit organization that services young people and the community. Through social entrepreneurship, IYC intends to create and collect funds to sustain service delivery. This will lead to growing a philanthropy service that gives back to young people and the community via service delivery, to address and fill community service gaps.


This model is informed by the Red ocean vs. Blue ocean approach. IYC intends to create and trial a blue ocean business approach of a united services monopoly in the community services sector by working together to address service gaps to create social change on a great scale. This is to avoid a red ocean business approach, where competing and sharing resources deters young people accessing a holistic service. Innovation Youth Centre is a free service for young people to use and be supported.



IYC developed a great survival self-help manual resource to help young people in lockdown for COVID 19 in Melbourne's North. 

The manual has directories to other local services, social groups active who are active under COVID-19, contacts to local leaders, & boredom busters. It can be downloaded to a device for offline use. 

Click the pdf. document icon on the right to access and download the Survive & Thrive Manual.