Social Justice and Goodwill  

A collaborative approach combining multiple agencies working with Innovation Youth Centre with the aim of improving links between the community, youth agencies and young people. Safe and friendly environment for both youth workers and young people, through a commitment to providing quality services that accept a responsibility and duty of care for staff and young people.

Youth and Community Participation 
A space whereby young people can develop leadership and meaningful participation in a range of roles, to better their own community and life quality

Respect and Accountability  

Range of services programs and activities that are relevant and responsive to the different development stages of young people.

Empowerment and Innovation 
Flexible and responsive service with a commitment to youth participation and leadership in a variety of structured and unstructured activities.

​Collaboration and Honesty 
Environment where agencies can successfully network and through cohesive methods achieve the best outcomes for young people using Innovation Youth Centre. Framework to develop and extend the provision of local services through the concept of service integration and collaboration.



​Innovation Youth Centre is a not-for-profit organization that services young people and the community. Through social entrepreneurship, IYC intends to create and collect funds to sustain service delivery. This will lead to growing a philanthropy service that gives back to young people and community via service delivery, to address and fill community service gaps.

This model is informed by the Red ocean vs. Blue ocean approach. IYC intends to create and trial a blue ocean business approach of a united services monopoly in the community services sector by working together to address service gaps to create social change on a great scale. This is to avoid a red ocean business approach, where competing and sharing resources deters young people accessing a holistic service. Innovation Youth Centre is a free service for young people to use and be supported.


Innovation Youth Centre is a young people’s organization that works to create the best outcomes for young people community, by using innovation and youth participation, working hand in hand.

Innovation Youth Centres is a youth-friendly space for young people aged between 12-25 years to undertake programs and activities designed to increase their social, recreational and employment skills, and/or networks. Using the theory of innovation and entrepreneurship to create resources for the community through a youth participation lens, IYC aims to fill service gaps in the community. 

Working with local services to support service demands. The areas that IYC will focus and service the needs of young people is in interface councils, due to being a high growth corridors, with a rapidly increasing number of young people.

IYC provides a service that is intensive support that involves one on one counselling, outreach, case manager for all young people with challengers from being high risk, disability, drug & alcohol, homelessness, mental health, crime to family brake down. Using a strength-based practise approach with the young person. Providing a one-stop service that creates positive change for the young people, families and community. Having ownership in their life and service delivery of IYC. 


"Believe and Create"