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Karate Practice



Young boys and men aged from 12-25 are eligible for the program.



What is the Prevent with Heart program?

The Prevent with Heart program is an initiative teamed up with Proactive Self Defence for young men to explore concepts of healthy masculinity through the practice of learning martial arts. Participants get to have a space in the program to develop a sense of worth and an understanding how gender-based violence negatively affects families, intimate relationships, and in the wider community. 

The young men who participate in Prevent With Heart will get the chance to learn about:

  • What are their best personal strengths

  • Emotional literacy

  • Collaboration skills 

  • How to be an ally to the girls and women around them

  • Physical Health


Why the Prevent with Heart program is needed?

IYC recognises disadvantaged boys and young men need spaces to develop communication and social skills that involve non-violence in their personal lives and within their communities. With domestic violence being a growing problem in Australia, the Prevent with Heart program aims to help young boys and men to challenge negative and harmful habits associated with masculinity to develop a sense of masculinity for themselves that is focused on community awareness, compassion, and self-knowledge. 


The program is also inclusive to boys and young men from the LGBTIQ+ community, ATSI communities, and CALD backgrounds. The program will help encourage these participants with a culturally sensitive and anti-homophobic/transphobic approach to develop the non-violence interpersonal skills within the program.

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