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Young people living, working, or play in the City Whittlesea from all different cultural backgrounds.

All genders who car enthusiasts or interested in learning more about car maintenance aged between 16 to 25 years old are welcome to express interest in the program. 


What is MAZAS Inc?

MAZAS Inc (Multicultural Automotive Zub-Group Association Specialists Incorporated) aims to acknowledge the ever-growing number of young people who are car enthusiasts in the Whittlesea area from all different cultural backgrounds and teach and promote safe driving in a safe and supportive environment.

MAZAS Inc aims to provide a broad range of services and activities for young people who are car enthusiasts in the Northern Melbourne area from all different cultural backgrounds. The program is set to achieve driver safety awareness to reduce risk-taking driving around the community and work with key stakeholders in the community to achieve this goal such as the Police, Council, Schools, Car Insurance Companies, Driving Schools, Local Motor Traders, and VicRoads. The key areas of Maza’s Inc are:


  • Driver Safety

  • Motor Vehicle Art

  • Working with young drivers who have road traffic offenses.

  • Community understanding of car enthusiasts. 

  • Young people getting together from all different cultural backgrounds get together through a community program to promote cultural diversity.


Why IYC is aiming for MAZAS Inc?

IYC aims to reduce risk-taking driving in the community by young drivers with MAZAS Inc. This is done through a community development model where young car enthusiasts meet with other car enthusiasts and have discussions about their vehicles and driver safety issues through a drop-in method.

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