Being a young person in today's society is really difficult, so to be a part of Youth Centre like Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) is very rewarding. I have been apart of the IYC reference for about a year now and have developed my leadership skills and I feel apart of something. I feel when IYC fully operates with a location/hub it will give young people and community a place to go to and help them not hang around on the streets. It will give us teenagers the opportunity to expand our horizons, to innovate and create to build a better ourselves.


Hi my name is Celine and I am a young person. I am part of Innovation Youth Centre to learn more about it and how it can help young people make things better for their community.


I am Danielle I am a young person. I am involved in the Innovation Youth Centre Youth Reference Group to support young people and get them off the street, and to be involved in programs.


Hi I am Dylan, I am involved in the Innovation Youth Centre - Youth Reference Group to help young people.


Hello my name is Janaya and I'm a young women living in Melbourne. I am interested in Dancing, Animals, Shopping and going to the beach. I am involved with Innovation Youth Centre because today's young people face many hard times in todays society that they live with. I am hoping there will be great outcome for IYC, that I would like to be a part of and get involved with up and coming opportunities and events. IYC will support and service young people in the community which is important for me and other young people.


Hello my name is Lucinda and I a young person and a student at Melbourne Polytechnic studying a Cert III in hospitality. I want to be involved in Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) to help young people in the community by making IYC fully operate with a location/hub. This will give young people a safe space, have fun and will provide support.


Hi my name is Luke and I am a young person. I am part of the Innovation Youth Centre Youth Reference Group because I would to meet new people, get involved with my community and support young people.


Hi I am Michael, and I am a young person. I got involved with Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) because I have been part of previous youth centre reference group and want to be part of the IYC youth reference group to help young people and community on a bigger scale.


Hi my name is Mike and I am a young person who likes to give back to the community. I am very easy going person with good people skills. I like to always help people, even when I have my own challengers in life. I find the good in people


Hi I am Ryan and I am a young person. My interests include video games animation and technology. I joined the Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) youth reference group because it will improve my social skills, make new friends and help out young people.


My name is Sarah I am a young person. I have apart of the the Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) reference group for some time now. I love helping out, having fun and being involved with IYC. I will be so happy when IYC has a location/hub if when we come up with funds so I can can go and stay out of trouble. IYC will give young people the opportunity to do they want and be heard, the staff at IYC have helped me out over the years and I would like to help others too and fun while doing it


I am Tina and I am a young person and I am studying at the Work Education Course at Melbourne Polytechnic. I am helping out with Innovation Youth Centre (IYC) because it will help young people get jobs, feel safe and hang out with their friends.