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Welcome to Our New Website!

IYC decided to upgrade our old website to a newer, fresher, and more professional website for everyone to access. We also decided to change our website URL from to the appropriate This has come with IYC being awarded its first grant, the Volunteers Grant, from the Federal Department of Social Services of Australia. This small grant has allowed IYC to acquire new resources and equipment for the organisation. Alongside with our new website comes with this blog widget that allows several categories. We decided to have a category called 'Youth Voice', alongside our general news category, which young people can have written pieces or photography pieces of their own creation on the website. If you are a young person that wants to submit a post to be published in Youth Voice, send in your word document, pdf, or jpeg files to with the subject line 'Youth Voice Submission'. We also encourage supporters of IYC that they follow us on social media and sign up to our new mailing list so they won't miss a blog post from our website. We also added old news entries so everyone can be informed of IYC's history.


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