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International Day of Disability IYC Support in Whittlesea - Champion Event.

Held at Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre (TRAC) the event was jointly presented by Thomastown Neighbourhood House, City of Whittlesea Thomastown Community Development, and Active Whittlesea (Belgravia Leisure).

“King” Arthur Kyriazopoulos – who works at TRAC and who also is an IYC volunteer (including being one of the Youth Reference Group members) was the amazing MC for the event.

The event attracted 135 "champions” from the local community who had a lot of fun dancing, singing and enjoying the different performances on the day by "Bust-A-Move" dance troupe, LifeSkills's "The Revolutions Choir," and Anna Lumb's "Hula Hooper Extravaganza.

IYC ran a promotional stall with perfume making that was popular with the event participants, many who made their own signature scent. A big thank you to Penny from the YRG & IYC students Liz and Angie for supporting IYC staff at the stall.


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