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IYC Young People, Families, Staff, Volunteers, Board, Student Placements and Community would like to give a big warm thank you to all who support IYC, not close the centre doors. It's with a heavy heart that IYC informs you that IYC closed its centre doors on March 1st 2024 at the location in Bundoora due to not being refunded by the government, IYC acknowledges and is grateful for the Federal Government grant to grow IYC with the centre in 2022. IYC campaigned to all tiers of government, did a fundraiser with events, went to media, had a petition, tried auspices and unfortunately could not raise enough funds to keep the centre operational. IYC will not close as a charity/service organisation and reflect to provide NDIS services, consulting work, information and referral, and program work that will be done on a smaller scale until IYC grows again and can do more and run a centre again.  As the motto goes at IYC "Believe and Create"


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